Robot Palletising

Revolutionize your end-of-line operations with our robot palletisers. Designed for unmatched precision and reliability, these automated systems take pallet stacking to a whole new level. Experience the future of high-speed, simple palletising that easily integrates with your existing workflow, improving both productivity and operational efficiency.

Robot Palletiser 

> 300 – 1200 bags per hour

> Fast 

> Efficient 

> Flexable

Products that can be palletisedĀ 

> 50kg Cement BagsĀ 

> 20kg Tile Adheasive BagsĀ 

> 40kg Gypsium Plaster

> BoxesĀ 

> Dog FoodĀ 

> Cat FoodĀ 

> Maize mealĀ 

> Flour

> SugarĀ  Ā